About Us

Zooopa Limited emerged by demand as a spin off from its sister company Arcform in 2002. We're located on top of a mountain in beautiful North Wales in a former aircraft hangar which overlooks the Clwydian range. It's a snowy paradise in winter, a green wonderland in summer and we all feel as though we live and work at the end of the rainbow!

We've found the children's play area to be a surprisingly harsh environment for our ideas but after learning from and listening to customer feedback we've been able to innovate using lessons learned. The Zooopa products are manufactured using tried and tested quality materials, efficient production methods and we have a constant development programme of experimentation - not always an easy process but definitely fun.

Our test pilots, or rather our own children not only give us blunt feedback but inspire and motivate us to produce new creations keeping us at the forefront of development in adventure play.

We also have a great team of skilled engineers dedicated to detail and who take pride in all we produce. We have an abundance of new ideas and visions for the future of children's play and we know our customers are there with us in the process of realisation.