Zooopa Airbusta-Maxi

This ball volcano is a real show stopper and great fun for a group to play. Simply load balls on to the collection tray and press the button. Whooosh! A controlled burst of air from the charge vessel to the air amplifier carries balls from the tray up through the funnel and erupts over the gathered children.

Reload and play again.

This attraction requires a compressed air supply and is supplied with a mains control box with 24v switch lead. We’ve designed with servicing in mind as periodically this unit needs to be drained of water. All components are an industrial specification for reliabilty as we’re expecting high usage!

Airbusta Maxi


Base: 580mm diameter base

Height: 1830mm


  • Supplied with a base fixing plate for ease.
  • Allen key bolt fixings for quick cleaning and inspection plus simple tap for draining water.

  • One year on all parts