Zooopa Ballvac - New Product Release

This ball moving system transports and organises the flow of balls from ground floor to the upper play decks. Activated by the push button the vacuum unit powers the balls into the two collection dumps. From the play deck open the flap and out spills your collection. Close the door and balls keep flowing up.

Designed to offer the economy of one vacuum unit servicing four suction tubes and increase the overall flow of balls.

The unit is secured to existing steel support legs and internal electrical connections are routed to a handy junction box. Each assembly part is surrounded by rings for easy netting and fit within a 1220mm grid.

  • Power: 240v mains supply
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Ball size: 60-70mm foam/ 80mm plastic
  • Timer: Adjustable (factory set @4mins)
  • Warranty: one year on all parts
  • Fitting: 48.3 spigots for attachment and adaptors