Zooopa Tiptoppa - New product release

This automatic ball shower hs been designed to vacuum up to 800 balls into its hopper and shower them over the children below. Activate the unit by the touch switch found on the lower level and herd as many balls as you can to the vac hoses. The balls fly up through the clear hoses and collect in the chamber. The vacuum is controlled by a timer unit which then stops and gravity takes over! The trap doors swing open and the balls cascade past the spreader - watch out below!

  • Power: 240v mains supply
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Range: design into 2440mm grid
  • Ball size: 70mm foam/ 80mm plastic
  • Timer: Adjustable (factory set @4mins)
  • Warranty: 1 year on all parts
  • Fitting: 48.3 spigots for attachment
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