Zooopa Zonga - Floor / Wall / Panel
New Product Release

What is it? Press a button and you’ll soon find out! This simple reaction game senses your skill level and reacts to it so children of all ages can succeed. After the musical intro see how fast you can hit the buttons which make a variety of fun sounds effects. You’ll be scored up to 25 and congratulated at each level of success until you get the fanfare for a maximum score! Not as easy as you might think!

The panel is designed as a free-standing attraction but also can fit to a wall or snuggly into a 1220mm play frame.



Width: 1110mm

Height: 1300mm

Depth: 70mm

  • Power: 240v mains supply. 24v supply to unit
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Game duration: Adjusts to skill level - average 60 seconds
  • Warranty: 1 year on all parts
  • Fitting: 48.3 spigots

The stylish and slim main body is plastic coated and the polycarbonate facia sheet protects the large and stunning visual. The attraction uses innovative illuminated touch sensitive buttons and the eye catching score board is back lit too. The high class speaker output reflects our investment in a top rated sound chip and comes with an extrenal volume control to suit the play site.

Everything about this game shows Zooopa quality and durabilty as we’re expecting a high impact play environment!

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